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NAM E-Mail Publications
- Monthly review of global economic trends. Delivered the second Thursday of every month. Contact: Chad Moutray at (202) 637-3148 or by E-mail.
- A newsletter highlighting the programs run by The Manufacturing Institute, the workforce and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers. Contact: David McKnight at (202) 637-3000 or by E-mail.
- A report from the Legal Center highlighting the NAM’s activities in the courts and other important legal developments affecting manufacturers. Sent weekly. Contact: Linda Kelly at (202) 637-3060 or by E-mail.
- The “Power of Small” newsletter is tailored exclusively for the NAM’s small and medium-sized members. It is a collection of the most recent small business resources and actionable intelligence for companies, as well as inspiring stories showcasing the powerful leadership of small manufacturers. Contact: Kevin Mullooly at (202) 637-3181 or by E-mail.
- Early morning highlights of the most important daily news and provides the NAM's guidance on policy and business issues. Sent daily. Contact: Rachel Hostyk at (202) 637-3099 or by E-mail.
- Stay current on innovation in the manufacturing industry with the NAM Leading Edge SmartBrief - a daily email summary of news on trends, technology, IIoT, workforce, cyber security, sustainability and supply chain. Contact: Paul Hartgen at (202) 637-3053 or by E-mail.
- Update on the state of the economy from NAM Chief Economist Chad Moutray. Sent weekly. Contact: Chad Moutray at (202) 637-3148 or by E-mail.
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