SIGN-ON LETTER: Pass the bipartisan infrastructure deal!

Manufacturers and business organizations are mobilizing to urge Congress to pass the bipartisan infrastructure deal recently announced by President Biden and a group of key Republican and Democratic Senate negotiators.


Bold infrastructure investments will strengthen manufacturing competitiveness and create jobs. The framework laid out in the bipartisan agreement achieves historic infrastructure spending and funds infrastructure investment without undoing competitive tax provisions gained by manufacturers in the 2017 tax reform law. This bipartisan framework is the right path forward at the right time – this is how we build to win. But this compromise remains fragile, and the lawmakers who will ultimately determine its success or failure need to know that manufacturers support the bipartisan agreement. Members of Congress need to hear from manufacturers now about the importance of moving forward quickly to make this agreement law.


This letter is ONLY open to manufacturing and business associations, state and local chambers and allied organizations. The deadline for your organization join this letter is Thursday, July 16 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.


Please contact NAM Assistant Vice President for Advocacy Michael O’Brien, Council of Manufacturing Associations Executive Director Shonzia Thompson or State Affairs Executive Director Amy Rawlings with any questions.

Thank you for your support.

Thank You for your support.

SIGN-ON LETTER: Pass the bipartisan infrastructure deal!

July XX, 2021


Dear Member of Congress,


On behalf of manufacturers nationwide and the millions of Americans who stand to benefit from revitalized U.S. infrastructure, we write to urge you to take up and pass the bipartisan infrastructure deal recently announced by President Biden and leaders in Congress.


Manufacturers have spent years calling for bold, bipartisan infrastructure investments that bolster America’s competitiveness, and now is the time to act on this historic opportunity. Businesses have highlighted the need for robust infrastructure investment through multiple administrations and watched as previous congressional sessions ended with no long-term plan of action. As an elected leader, you have the chance to realize the promise of American economic prosperity by working with your colleagues to enact the bipartisan framework that was recently announced.


For too long, we have seen America’s infrastructure deteriorate as other nations invested in their own systems, aiming to outcompete the United States. This framework, which leaders in both parties have embraced, will strengthen manufacturers’ global competitiveness, improve safety for the American workers who daily utilize our nation’s infrastructure and ultimately create more high-skill, high-paying manufacturing jobs.


Importantly, this agreement advances these historic investments without putting at risk the competitive gains achieved for American businesses through tax reform, allowing manufacturers to reinvest in their facilities, their communities and their employees.


With this bipartisan agreement and its framework for investment in roads and bridges, waterways, the electric grid, advanced telecommunications and so much more, we can make history. This is how we build the future. This is how we build to win.  


I urge you work with your congressional colleagues to advance this agreement and pass bipartisan legislation that invests in American infrastructure that ensures long-term American economic prosperity.