Broad Tax Extenders Group Letter

Deadline: Friday November 4, 2011, to sign letter.


Please consider adding your company/organization’s name to the letter (below), calling upon Congress to pass the expiring tax provisions before the end of 2011.

As you know, many temporary tax provisions, frequently called “tax extenders,” benefiting individuals, organizations, businesses, and community groups are set to expire at the end of 2011. These key incentives have an impact on a wide range of activities that help spur economic growth, job creation, and job retention. Despite bicameral, bipartisan support for these provisions, Congress has yet to extend them.  With the end of 2011 fast approaching, lawmakers are urged to extend these expiring provisions before they expire. This letter serves to show as much support as possible and the importance of certainty that extending these provisions will provide. If any of these extenders are important to your company/organization, you are urged to add your company/organization's name to this letter.  Please feel free to send this letter to others who might be interested in signing on. The text of the letter and sign-on form are below.

In consultation with other business and non-business organizations, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has agreed to collect signatories to this letter by providing the signatory link below.  The letter will not appear on NAM letterhead, but rather on plain paper to indicate equal ownership by all signatories.

We hope your company/organization will add its name to this important letter.

Monica McGuire, NAM,

Thank You for your support.


Dear Member of Congress:

The undersigned organizations urge Congress to extend as soon as possible the tax provisions set to expire in 2011.  These tax provisions, which benefit a wide range of taxpayers, including associations, businesses, individuals, community development organizations and non-profit organizations, are important to U.S. jobs and the broader economy.  The lack of timely congressional action to extend these provisions would inject more instability and uncertainty into the economy and further weaken confidence in the employment marketplace. 

Moreover, the extension of the expiring provisions should not be delayed until policymakers complete work on comprehensive tax reform.  Even though Congress has begun to consider tax reform proposals, a wide-ranging group of taxpayers is making decisions right now related to current law which will have an immediate impact on the economy.  While we are hopeful that the tax reform debate results in policy that is fair, efficient, and encourages economic growth, it is critical that the current tax system provide certainty in the interim.   Additional uncertainty is not a recipe for improving confidence in this economy.

We urge you to pass these important tax provisions before they expire this year.


[Companies and organizations in alphabetical order]